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A prototype is an early sample, a model or a trial product built to test a concept or process.

3D prototyping, also known as ‘Rapid Prototyping’ refers to a process of quickly manufacturing physical prototypes based on a design and making small changes along the way to perfect it. Rapid prototyping can be carried out using multiple different technologies based on its use and application.

We, at MetaMorph work with companies of all sizes and structures to deliver 3D prototyping services for early-stage product designing and development purposes. Our clients include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineering and development groups
  • New start-ups
  • SME medical device companies
  • Multinationals

Using a 3D printer, it is now simpler than ever to turn a digital 3D design into a physical object thereby giving businesses the ability to create prototypes quickly and at a low price.

Students Corner


There are several ways to reduce the cost of a 3D printed prototype, but it is important to know why 3D printing or additive manufacturing is, in general, an affordable means of creating prototypes, as has clearly explained it is very importantly the options for a low cost of materials, whereas processes like CNC machining and injection moulding require excess material

Material selection to save cost

If the prototype will only be used for display purposes, affordable materials like PLA or ABS are perfectly capable of producing a quality-looking prototype that can later be developed into something more robust. (material selection is directly linked to the type of 3D printing process that will be used)